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My IOTA Wallet is suddenly empty - is it safe to use the IOTA Wallet?

I recently decided that I wanted to invest in Iotas, so last thursday I finally went ahead. I bought 500 Euros in bitcoin, and transferred it to Bitfinex and bought MIOTA. Then I transferred it to my Iota Wallet. When I opened my IOTA Wallet today, the balance is suddenly 0. When I check the history, I see a withdrawal of the content about five hours after i received my MIOTA from Bitfinex. Tho generate the Seed for my wallet, I used this generator: [Seed generator]( Maybe this Seed generator is the problem? (maybe my fault there?) I'm now very skeptical about everything, and I'm not sure how I should go forward with future investments. Is it more safe to let MIOTA stay at Bitfinex than using the IOTA Wallet?
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