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I couldn't think of a good title to this so I'll ramble a bit until these thoughts in my head start to make some sense. Any fart, The most exciting time in Crypto for me was when Ethereum released smart contracts. So many Great ideas like trustless internet, trustless storage, trustless virtual worlds you name it. I wanted to invest a little in everything and aspired to live in the new decentralized world. Then Ethereum crapped its pants because Crypto Kitties got too big for blockchain. Blockchain sucks ass btw, it isn't helpful. No one uses it. I think about that shit a lot these days and I dream about IOTA bringing the hype back with scalable, feeless smart contracts. Not Blockchain. I just wish IOTA was branded more towards people as opposed to Industry. I want IOTA to be more attractive to a person. I don't care about IOT yet. I don't give a shit if Jaguar signed a deal or some shit. But I would care if some dumb, worthless IOTA app popped up that let me trade digital pets back and forth. I would care if someone made a sketchy decentralized ride share app. I would care if individuals got excited like I did 4 years ago and started pumping dapp ideas again. So ya, blockchain sucks. Jaguar is boring but Crypto Kitties 2.0 with IOTA would be sick. Why don't one of you coding genius's make some shit like that using smart contracts. Doesn't even have to be good, just has to work. Would be cool thats all.
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