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Light Wallet - "Request Error"

Hello, I logged in my light wallet version 2.5.7 IRI 1.5.3 and see the right balance. When I try to attach to tangle i get always a "Request Error". I tried to change the nodes many times but it doesn't help. Bitfinex node also doesn't work. Currenr node and settings: Node: Min weight Magnitude: 14 Curl Implentation: Webgl 2 Curl implementation Can someone help?
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Welcome Louay Kamel to the IOTA Foundation

Louay Kamel joins IOTA as a Software Engineer on the permanode team. In this role, Louay will focus on implementing a permanode utilising another of his recent projects: OverDB (a scalable…
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[Academic Paper] Metamorphic IOTA

IOTA opened recently a new line of research in distributed ledgers area by targeting algorithms that ensure a high throughput for the transactions generated in IoT systems. Transactions are continuous...
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5th Dutch Iota meet-up: August 8th

Eventbrite - Robin ten Dam (Hop Hop) presenteert 5th Dutch Iota meet-up - Donderdag 8 augustus 2019 in Lisk Center Utrecht, Utrecht, UT. Bekijk informatie over evenementen en tickets.
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VolleyCash. How instant crypto payments work

Multisignatures technique generally needs several parties to participate in spending funds. A multisignature “2-of-2” requires a transaction to be signed by two parties. For example, to spend funds…