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Jesus christ, why not just give your governments total view to your transactions log?

Seriously, the only way this goes "beyond the blockchain" is in terms of raw stupidity (and yes, that is really saying something). Like I'm unsure how even the sub-ninety IQ dweebs that inhabit this stupidty safe space, soaking with the tears of anyone with a shread of access to common sense, could possibly think this thing has a single purposs, let alone become the "backbone of the emerging m2m economy of the iot". I leterally laughed the first time I read that which is impressive considering how hard I was also crying at the shear untamed unadultered awe-inspiring STUPIDY of this whole thing. Seriously name one thing that refutes anything I just said. You can't. Give up on this pipe-dream and go do something useful with your time.
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