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IRI 1.8.0 with networking rewrite

The IRI team has been hard at work the past couple months on increasing the stability of the software, and making it better prepared to accommodate the growth in adoption of IOTA. The previous release, IRI 1.7.1, brought multiple fixes that made the software more stable. Making IRI future-proof also meant rethinking some components of the software completely. One of the components that we rewrote completely, and released today, is networking.

The networking rewrite brings with it a ton of changes that will make the node behavior better prepared for what’s ahead. It also simplifies the way the node software works so the code is more adaptable, and easier to debug. We have also added things like BCTCurl into the transaction processing pipeline, and IRI can now hash transactions in batches of up to 64. This will tie into the throughput improvements that will follow.

Thanks to the IOTA community committee

Part of this effort was setting up an IOTA community committee. A group of community members that were voted in by the rest of the community. The members provided oversight and feedback on the changes and participated with their own nodes in a network to test the new networking on.

Thanks to Mathieu Viossat, muXxer, nuriel77, Roman Semko, Yell0w, and Zoran. And to IF’s Luca Moser for setting up and maintaining the network.

We hope to use a similar approach with some larger future changes as well.

Upgrading to 1.8.0

To keep participating on Mainnet, you will need to upgrade your node. This release is not backward compatible.

To upgrade your node:

Change your neighbor connections from UDP to TCP. UDP is not supported by the new release. If you have a neighbor with whom you have not switched to TCP yet, please reach out and make the change. Change the configuration parameters as described in the Changes in 1.8.0 section. Download the new version of IRI from the release page. Run the new version of IRI.

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