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IRI 1.6.1 docker image for the rock64 to get your fullnode running in minutes


Since IRI 1.6.1 got a lot of improvements in memory management I felt it was a good time to get my rock64 out of the shelf again. IRI runs perfectly fine with 2GB of RAM these days so running it on the rock64 got a lot easier (without swap-file, hickups and so on). This repository is supposed to be a short tutorial and handful of usefull scripts to get IRI on your rock64 running in minutes.

basic setup

The following steps require your rock64 to have the latest ayufan-containers-release ( installed and an external USB SSD formatted with ext4 filesystem.

connect and mount external USB SSD 1.1 add yourself to docker group, update system and restart sudo adduser ${USER} docker && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo reboot 1.2 create mount folder sudo mkdir -p /mnt/usb 1.3 find the UUID of your external drive (look for /dev/sda) sudo blkid 1.4 add the following line to /etc/fstab (edit with sudo nano /etc/fstab) UUID=yourUUIDhere /mnt/usb ext4 defaults,discard 0 2 1.5 mount the drive sudo mount -a clone this repository and set file permissions cd /mnt/usb && git clone && cd ./rock64iri && chmod +x *.sh find neighbors in iota discord and edit neighbors-line in iota.ini config file (edit with nano ./data/iota.ini) NEIGHBORS = udp://neighbor1:port tcp://neighbor2:port udp://neighbor3:port tcp://neighbor4:port initialize docker container ./ download snapshotted database ./ Forward the following ports from your router to your rock64: Port/Type and usage 14265/tcp | IOTA/IRI API port 14600/udp | IOTA/IRI UDP neighbor connection port 15600/tcp | IOTA/IRI TCP neighbor connection port Additional Information

use ./ ./ or ./ to stop/start/restart the IRI container

Do not use docker stop or docker restart since this can break your I...

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