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IOTA Meetup in Tokyo with BiiLabs

BiiLabs - Blockchain Industry and Innovation Labs - is based in Taipei and has been one of the earliest adopters of the IOTA Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology.

Since there has not been much visible IOTA activity in Japan of late, we are excited to welcome Co-Founder & CEO Lman Chu and his team for a presentation and educational Q&A.

Sample use cases:

Energy - Elements of smart cities include smart charging, smart building, and smart mobility. However, massive facilities come with enormous costs of centralization, whether energy generation or transmission. Thus, the concept of smart energy Community is to meet self-sufficiency by the incentive called smart grids, a type of cryptocurrency, and eventually to shape into an innovative business model.

Digital Identity - Digital Identity, application of distributed ledger technology, is greatly suitable for online voting, medical record management, data exchange between cities, and so on. Centralization in digital identity hardly works in the future with the alarming awareness of self-sovereignty. As a result, DLT would be the best alternative technology to realize online voting, medical record management, and inter-city data exchanges.

Supply Chain - Supply chain management emphasizes on the transparency, authorized participations and immutable records. Therefore, DLT gets its role here to strike the trust balances in consumers, producers, transporters, retail and public institutions in the contribution of the integration of global trades.

Data Market - DLT could achieve the need of self-sovereignty, which indicates that users could control their personal data as well as keep the traceability of private information at will. We can foresee that there would be a new marketplace of data.

Machine Economy - A revolutionary peer-to-peer network gets rid of transaction fees and goes further into a machine-to-machine world. In other words, m...

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