IOTA+Luxoft+Saint Petersburg Polytechnic+supercomputer

5Y Ago
IOTA, Luxoft and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University supercompute the Tangle Supercomputing IOTA

IOTA is working with software titan Luxoft and a great team at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University who possesses a 1.1 PetaFLOP supercomputer. We are utilizing this talent and these immense computational resources to research different scenarios and topologies of the IOTA Tangle in order to optimize the protocol and explore the full underlying potential of the technology in great depth.

With great power comes great results

Given the nature of the sheer breakthrough in distributed ledger technology that the Tangle represents, these tests and their results will be very valuable from both an academic, but also practical perspective. With confirmation of current results we can move towards standardization of the protocol itself.

We also intend to collaborate with this great team and their supercomputer on future IXI modules on top of IOTA, but that is news for another day.

General video about the supercomputer cluster

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