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IOTA is not a scam !!!

I really have to say this. I know some members of this community are currently extremely dissatisfied with the long-term developments and not knowing what happens to theire investments. Including me. But everyone should be aware of a few things. And why is iota so unique with this approach ?! This project is an absolute mammoth task! if it were that easy, iota would simply join the already fully overloaded pool of blockchain technology. If you don't believe that, you should read the architecture of Iota. #Congestion Control Algorithm / Mana etc .. Iota works much more as a human brain than a simple blockchain. Those who are only interested in making quick money should urgently liquidate their holdings and get somewhere else. The immense advantages iota will bring with the completion will come into play when it comes to real mass adaptation and I'm not talking about the few 100k of people who enjoy this relatively new technology and have made money with it and now they think they are the tough Wall Street investors. No, I'm talking about the end result when billions of machines communicate with each other to make the life from never satisfied honks even more relaxed and easyer. Of course there is criticism and I am fully on your side in some points, whoever follows my posts knows that and this should be worked on as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the technology is really an absolute added value. It is really not easy to keep one's focus and continue with the demands and the disregard of this hard work. Therefore I would strongly recommend the Iota Foundation to behave like a professional company and butterfly wings are not one of them. I would also recommend the Iota Foundation to really focus and not act in such a way that a billion dollar foundation is a playground, honestly I would actually rather expect a completely overworked Dominik Schiener in the AMA Talks than a completely rested and fun one very young man. In addition, the IF should act quickly t...
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Welcome Åsa Dahlborn to the IOTA Foundation

Åsa joins the Market Adoption team as Project Administrator. In this role, she will focus on supporting the project managers in their tasks and responsibilities as well as supporting project implement...
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