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IOTA, Deutsche Telekom, SAP, Jaguar and more partner on blockchain IoT. Blockchain, AI, IoT and more, Internet 3.0 is all coming together. Convergence Alliance

Blockchain, AI, IoT and more – Internet 3.0 is all coming together, so to speak.

The Convergence Alliance is the name of an alliance that's focused on convergence.

The "convergence" part refers to the coming together of next-generation technologies including blockchain, AI, IoT and robotics and to how these work best in synergy rather than as disparate components. The "alliance" part refers to the organisations that are assembling for the purpose of deploying these technologies together.

The Convergence Alliance includes 18 founding members:

It's worth noting that many of these individual members have existing partnerships with each other or contain multiple members themselves. For example, BigchainDB/DEX is built on Ocean Protocol, and MOBI incorporates names like BMW, General Motors and VeChain.

Also in the Outlier Ventures portfolio is Chainlink, Golem, FOAM, RightMesh, Cosmos, Aragon and Botanic.


"The last 25-year computing cycle has been dominated by The Platform & The Cloud, with obscene value creation for a handful of corporations. However, there is a growing awareness about the trade-offs of the cloud platform and a developed understanding of the benefits of decentralised technology, unlocking a new truly peer-to-peer value exchange. The Alliance is the first manifestation of a counter narrative and a signal of the paradigm shift that’s about to come," said Jamie Burke, the founder of Outlier Ventures.

In other words, giants like Amazon and Google are currently dominating the data space and getting the resulting benefits of a positive feedback loop – the more data you have, the better your IoT, AI and other solutions are, which helps further cement their monopolies and helps them acquire even more data.

This is thoroughly at odds with the ideal vision of everyone owning their own data and a more equitable world throu...

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