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IOTA assumes its users actually want to use the network

I've been thinking about the effect of incentives. Both POW and POS rewards people with more coins. There is a risk that the function of all these DLT's primarily becomes to earn more coins. These projects then run the risk of becoming bubbles that could be as easy to inflate as to deflate, since if the intention is money, people might just switch to another coin if that yields better results. On the other hand, people and companies will stake IOTA in order to use the network more effectively, which should have a higher probability to lead to actual adoption. Companies will stake IOTA for utility reasons, so as long as the tangle fulfills the user needs, they should have the desire to keep staking IOTA. This is a more honest approach. While there will also be price speculation with IOTA, the price is going to be more directly tied to the value proposition of the tangle itself.
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