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Hi community, I recently graduated in Economics & Management and started working in one of the big 3 (Bain, BCG, McKinsey) few weeks ago as Strategic Consultant. Although I am passionate about technology, I have no technical background in this area. Since 2016 I have followed the evolution of cryptocurrencies and more particularly of IOTA following a discussion with a friend. I feel that my company is not exploring enough the potential of blockchain or, in this case, tangle. We (in Belgium) are always too late compared to other countries. Being a junior associate, I would like to specialize myself in the solutions that this new technology can bring. Unfortunately, I don't know where to start. My company is working on different projects in different industries: digitalization, smart cities, automotive supplychain, ... They also work a lot with EU Institutions. The potential is enormous. Do you think that []( would be a good start for me to go deeper into understanding the tangle and its possible applications? I had my first project, where I had to help create a timesheet system for our client. If you don't know how it's working in the services industry, this is very simple : Imagine you are a lawyer and you worked for 3 clients. So you book your timesheet in a specific software. Let's say 1 Day for Client A, 2 Days for Client B and 0,5 D for Client C. Then it's upload in the ERP of the company (Oracle in my case), and the invoicing process is done manually. So in the ERP you will have all the hours booked from all the lawyers of your company for client A, B & C. And you have to manually create the invoice for client A, based on the contract you signed with this client. (Specific PO number, Payment terms related to this client, good VAT Number, ...). When I started this project, I immediately thought that smart contracts could be a solution for this case. But I have a lot of difficulty materializing this in real life. C...
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