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IOTA 2.0 Details on Current Status and Next Steps

TL;DR: We provide a detailed overview of the current status and next steps for IOTA 2.0. Current efforts mainly focus on optimizing the consensus and communication layer to make the protocol more efficient and less complex. Next steps involve implementation of active defenses and usability features such as local snapshots.


The release of the DevNet for IOTA 2.0 marked one of the most important milestones in the IOTA Foundation’s history. For the very first time, we were not only able to demonstrate the ideas behind IOTA 2.0 in a real, fully decentralized and Coordinator-free network, but we were also able to study the interaction of the different components.

The ability to measure and evaluate the performance of each of these components has allowed us to discuss and decide on a series of optimizations to make the protocol more robust, efficient and less complex.

The majority of changes involve small optimizations of the data flow and code simplifications. But we have also made adjustments to the communication layer and some crucial changes to the consensus layer.

The improvements to the consensus layer significantly simplify the protocol by deriving all information from the Tangle and handling incoming transactions in an optimistic manner. The first implementation has been completed, and we are simultaneously working on in-depth simulations and research papers. Only a few more changes are left to be implemented, while we continue on a clear path.

As for the communication layer, an efficient scheduling algorithm is currently implemented in the IOTA 2.0 DevNet. This works with a rate setter module to ensure fairness and short delays. As a next step, we will implement a mechanism to penalize attackers, which is already spec'd. Additionally, we are currently working on providing an improved user experience to facilitate the usability of the network.

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