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ICT - lightweight implementation, IoT, timestamps.ixi. Interview with IOTA's Lukas Tassanyi

Hey Lukas, it’s great that you share your precious time with us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement in the IOTA foundation?

Sure. I am a 20 year-old student of computer science living in Germany. Unfortunately, in university there is a lot of theory while I am a person who likes to program and actually build stuff. That‘s why I started playing around with IOTA as a community developer. My two best known projects are the IOTA Spam Fund ( and Qubic Lite. Thanks to the help of Eric Hop, I was soon offered to work for the IOTA Foundation. Obviously, I didn‘t let the opportunity slip away and started helping Eric with Qubic/Abra. With the introduction of the Omega team, I chose to be assigned with developing Ict, which is what I‘m currently working on right now. The community around Ict is awesome, so I‘m really having a good time with that.

If you had to explain ICT (IOTA Controlled agenT) to your uncle, what would you say?

That‘s a tough one. Imagine a future where all things are connected directly with each other. Cars, mobile phones, air conditioners and more. Your entire house might be connected to your neighbor‘s house. And there are sensors everywhere, measuring temperature, movements, even your heartbeat. Other things are acting based on this data. Now try to imagine the complexity of this entire infrastructure with all the information flowing through it. Pretty crazy, huh? Now your electric vehicle probably doesn‘t care about whether your toasts are finished. But it might be interested in whether your neighbor has some excess electricity to charge your car in exchange for a payment. So there are certain things which are meant to work together on a shared data basis while data from other devices nearby might just be considered noise. However, those other devices are still useful to connect other things which are too distant to connect directly, by letting them communicate indirectly over mul...

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