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I made two themes for KDE Plasma Linux distros inspired by the colors of Firefly wallet!

Hi community! To celebrate the launch of Iota Chrysalis, as a "personal tribute" to the huge effort made by the developers, I made two KDE Plasma themes inspired by the colors of Firefly! * [Firefly-Dark Screenshot]( * [Firefly-Light Screenshot]( Now you can have your everyday Linux distro matching the colors of your favorite wallet! If you have a Linux distro with KDE Plasma as desktop environment you can search the theme directly from System Settings. You can also find them in: * [Firefly-Dark]( * [Firefly-Light]( The source code and the installation steps (as I rely on other theming customization) can be found in my Github page: * [Firefly-Dark Source Code]( * [Firefly-Light Source Code]( If you have any question feel free to ask! In case you need, you can also find me on [Twitter](, I'm also pretty active on /r/kde!
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