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how to replace lieferando / and others with iota - steal my idea

hello, why should it be replaced? shops are paying 12% for using this service, with drivers 30%. thats too much and in some places that middle-man company has a monopoly. it can be replaced by an app just by using an open ledger. people can freely choose anytime to be a deliverer or not. first you need a "database" that is not on the tangle because it not a place to store data. you can use ipfs or a blockchain specailized on storing data. the database must contain these json "tables": - desity map per full degree, only number list of shops per 1/100 degree (as bytemap: 100x100x1 byte = 10000 byte, 255 = 255 and more, the exact number doesnt matter) - georeferenced lists of shops (just hashes, even 1000 shops do not need much time to load) - shop item list .zip (exact geo position, images, texts, products, wallet addresses ... just the whole thing) the tangle stream has repeatedly refeshed updates the references / filenames. there is a desity filename channel and many geo shop list channels. ### the order app: all private data is local. *fetching data* - the app must have the process to grab filenames from the needed channels to download the correct files. - first it downloads the desitiy map and searches for areas around you with shops just by the finding a none-zero area. - then it downloads all the shop hash lists of the found areas. (we should still be way below 1 mb) - at last the shops data will be downloaded and unpacked. if the shop hash list changes than changed data will be removed and new will be downloaded. there is no need to update by replace. *placing an order* a customer finds his prefered shop by adding his address (open maps helps to verify) and select what he wants to eat and when. all the needed data is on the device so this works even you are offline. the payment is a bit tricky. assumend you have somehow iotas or fiat cash then the app sends a 0i tx message to the shop wallet as an order request. if the shop sends an accept back th...
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