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How to access Ledger Nano S seeds outside of Trinity wallet?

A few weeks ago I decided to try the Trinity wallet for the first time (I've had a lot of IOTA on Binance since 2017) and used my Ledger Nano S to make a seed. It asked me to choose an index number, so I randomly picked the number 5 , double-checked it to be sure and wrote it down on a piece of paper (i'm very paranoia about these things). Then, I transfered some IOTA to the address just to check if it worked, and it arrived without any issues. I kept most of my funds on Binance still. Now a few weeks later, I had to reinstall the wallet because I forgot the password (yep I'm dumb) and I boot up the wallet, import an existing account and pick my index number 5. It now shows me a balance of 0. I have tried other nodes, but that doesn't seem to work. I've also tried manual synchronization and snapshot transitions but those processes just keep going for hours while asking me my password every few minutes. Since I am unable to access my funds through the trinity wallet, is there a way to access the same seed from my ledger nano s in some other way? Any tips to resolve the trinity issue are ofcourse welcome as well
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