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How prevalent will 'value' transactions be in the future?

To my knowledge, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the tangle can be used to transfer data without needing to transfer any IOTA 'coins' themselves. For example: car charges at a charging station. Once charged, the tangle is used to send a data package from the station to the car saying "that cost €15". The car then pays the fee with their credit card (Fiat) and not with an IOTA wallet. In my opinion this will be the most common way IOTA is integrated with the regular world. You will still see sensors/robots and whatnot use IOTA for value transactions in order to e.g. buy computational power or data, but I mainly see IOTA acting as a communication layer to facilitate Fiat transactions. I just don't see people adopting a new crypto currency when it will be so much easier to keep using Fiat, which is more stable (and also has companies with massive financial interest in keeping the status quo) Thoughts?
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