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Hosting a node and gaining mana in iota 2.0 ?

Reading [the blog post on mana for iota 2.0](, I see that a node with 0 mana won't be able to make any transactions and I assume contribute in any way to the iota network. It is a protection against a sybil attack. The attack would be to start zillion nodes and gain some influence on the iota this way. It makes fully sense to protect the iota network against such attack. But what if I'm honest and would like to run a honest node in the same spirit I contribute to open source software ? I might have iotas but most probably I won't do any transactions with it. It seam, as I understood it, that I will never gain mana in this way. And without mana, the node is useless. So there is no point in running a iota node while it would be beneficial in diluting the dishonest nodes. I understand that the whole problem is to distinguish honest nodes from potentially dishonest nodes. TLDR: I'm honest and I have a server. I would be interested to host a node and contribute to the iota network to make it stronger and more decentralized. But how can I be sure it will be useful, and the time and energy spend on it is not wasted ?
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