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Here is your wallet seed

Since there are often people asking how to make a seed, what is its importance and just basically how it works. And given the fact that a seed is the most private information you have regarding your wallet and nobody is going to show you how it works. And given the fact that anxiety is the worst teacher and everybody gets anxious dealing with their seeds at the beginning. I thought it is time to do a practical example. This seed is the most easy to remember, the most easy to guess and therefore the least secure seed you can have. As you can see it has been used by several people in the past. You can use it too to get familiar with the wallet but most importantly to understand what a seed really is. Just type this seed into your wallet and access it. You will find 5 IOTA already there, use them at will to test sending. Be nice to those coming after you and test also receiving by sending a few IOTA back into it. While you are using this seed, just ask yourself one simple question, what can people do if they have mine ? You´ll understand why is bad to create a seed online or not storing it in a safe way. Learning by doing is much better then just theory. So here it is. Your IOTA seed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (hint: it´s 81 times A)
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