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Help, am i delusional???

Hello community, I understand the difficulties in gaining market sentiment on these types of issues, however as somebody who began investing generaly speaking just over a year ago and became aware of Iota approximately 9 months ago, I cannot for the life of me understand what our great community sees that the market in general doesn't. I'm absolutely not looking for price predictions here as realistically this is a space with immeasurable potential in terms of use cases, so much so that it is difficult to currently fathom the possible impact of the foundation. I've seen a lot of talk recently on social media about the lack of advertising for Iota, though i just don't see really this as the cause of the issue, generally the communication channel from foundation to investors has been excellent in my experience, plus the appearance of Dom on the Dave Lee podcast is certainly a step in the right direction towards reaching new people. But I can't help but feel worried that I am now living in an echo chamber whereby I don't even consider the potential of other projects as I believe they pale in comparison to the IF. Take the announcements of collaborations with Dell and IAMTS for example, while I understand that generally we were already aware of these, you would assume that this adoption would garner much more excitement and anticipation in the wider crypto world, I am guessing however that the lack thereof is largely due to the tribalist attitudes within different communities. Along with this you have the FUD being cast upon the project from Coinbase and their solely negative announcements which haven't been updated in some time, coincidence I think not!!! Is this because of their own vested interests or just because they know that in the near future so many other projects will be bordering on obsolete because of the work of Iota? I am very much aware that I am stilll a complete newbie and therefore just keen to learn. Thanks p.s A footnote to say that the sense of ...
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