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Great article: IOTA Things To Consider When Investing In Crypto

IOTA: things to consider when investing in crypto The crypto market is a psychopath.

This madman has potential, yes, but you have to know how to handle him. He can make you rich. But he can also punch you in your face. Listen to him, and he will empty your bank account. Succumb to his pleas and he will make you miserable. Be smart. Shut him up and observe his skills. Decide on his value. Don’t listen to his chatter. Put him to work. And he will make you wealthy.

This guide will focus on IOTA. I think it fits the purpose really well. I am not working for the IOTA foundation, but have a substantial amount invested. I also work on two projects related to IOTA. You can consider this as my own guideline for investing in crypto and my argument for choosing IOTA.

Be on the frontline of innovation

Investing in a completely new technology is risky. But the return is highest the earlier you get in. You get a discount for the risk you take, so to speak. The more avant-garde the technology is, the higher the return. Once it becomes mainstream and more people realise its usefulness, the return becomes limited — proportional to the perceived risk.

Take Bitcoin, for example: 2012 it still was an immature “beta” technology that was barely known beyond the geek circles. No one, except the few who understood it and its potential, would bet on it. Five years later it’s scratching 100.000% return. You would have multiplied your investment almost 1000-fold. Now people are speculating about bitcoin mooning at one million dollars. Personally I don’t believe it. Even if it happened, comparing with the current price, it would be “just” a 200-fold price increase. A much lower ROI compared to the early-stage investment.

IOTA is about the same age right now as bitcoin was back then. It is “beta” to say the least. It is is the elephant in the room that everyone tries hard to ignore. I am not afraid to say that it’s the third generation of “blockchain”. A ...

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