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Future of IOTA - human interface?

Hi, my question is, what will the user interaction with IOTA look like in the future, if we assume IOTA gains traction? I understand machines will have no problem with handling 81 character seeds, but will each human user have to create an actual 81 character seed? Or can there e.g. be a (optional) layer similar to a bank on top of IOTA, so that when an old lady wants to aquire IOTA, she can have that set up and get a "bank card" or similar that is tied to her identity? And I don't mean that she wants to invest in IOTA via her bank, but set up an actual IOTA account, but not have to bother with seeds, re-use of adresses, etc. My concern is if IOTA is something that tech people will find fantastic, but that mainstream will find too complicated.
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