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For those of you who really don't want to wait for ledger integration...

I notice there are many people getting frustrated by the fact that their funds are stuck on Ledger and integration is taking much longer than was communicated by IF. Please be really careful with this but if you really want your IOTA off your ledger you can use the IOTA ledger seed recovery tool. This will make your Ledger mnemonics and seed exposed outside your Ledger device and therefore defeat its whole purpose. You will have to do a factory reset with your Ledger afterwards. There are actually two versions: a python script written by MuXxer, and a web application made by Mobilefish. Mobilefish also made an instruction video for both applications: []( I considered MuXxer's script the safer option because he is a very well-known, respected community developer and the python script should be very straightforward if you know your way around Linux. However, I ended up using Mobilefish's web application because it allowed me to specify the ledger index number, unlike MuXxer's python script which always uses 0. If your ledger index number is not 0 the script will generate the wrong seed. You can find your index number in the Ledger settings in the Trinity wallet. It was a little nerve wrecking but it did work and my IOTA we're not stolen. Just make sure you're computer is free of malware/keyloggers, have Firefly ready and immediately copy/paste the seed into Firefly and start migrating. It made my mnemonics invalid but it was more then worth it because I was able to sell before the market dropped even further. Please do not take this as a guarantee, I am not promoting these tools or taking responsibility for anything these tools do, I am just sharing my own experience here, I hope it helps others!
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