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First, how big will a permanode become and if I run one myself, can I store only transactions that are important to me? Second, how to get real un-tamparable connection with measuring devices and node?

Ok, maybe this has been explained before, but I still don’t understand the concept of permanodes to this level of detail: Say I own a business and I want to store my measuring values immutably on the tangle. That’s why I run my own full node. If I want to access my measuring values forever, I have to make it a permanode. But does that mean I have to store the all transactions of the tangle? I mean, my node confirms my and other transactions that are then immutable in the tangle, but my permanode will become very large (at >1000 tps, it will grow quite rapidly...). Is there a way to have kind of a “selective permanode”? Second part of my question: If I use e.g IoT device like ESP32 or STM32 for data acquisition and transfer to my gateway (which is the IOTA full node at the same time), how can I guaranty the values arrived untampered in the tangle? Do I have to use STM32, since it already is able to store values on the tangle and doesn’t have to transfer to the gateway? I understand it acts as a light node. How to achieve that with a ESP32 (or other) device? Thanks for any hints.
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