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ELI5 : will iota become as complex and as unusable as the other projects?

Yesterday, I saw the dip coming and for the first time, instead of simply HODLING and suffering, I wanted to surf the wave. I then sold some of my iota to buy USDT with the idea of buying back my IOTA when the price will be around 1$. I didn’t want to leave the USDT on the exchange and I saw that it is now possible to store this stable coin on a ledger. To do so, several block chains can be used. I wanted to use a reliable one such as BTC or ETH but the fees were insanely high (40$ for a transaction!). But with some, fees were more reasonable (20 cents) At the end, I tried a new one : Tron. I made few transfers with low amounts to be sure that everything was fine. But when I moved the full amount of $ to my wallet, it was a disaster. It took hours for my ledger to properly update after receiving the funds, and most importantly, this morning, after deciding that I want to buy back my IOTA, I realized that my funds were stuck in my ledger. Why? No bandwidth and no energy. At first I was like : ok what is this shit. Then I took me an insane amount of time and reading to figure out that actually, with Tron, you need to freeze assets in order to gain power or energy, or you can borrow from others using a website that I could never make work. After hours, I was finally able to move back my USDT to binance and buy back my IOTA. It was so good to be back home! With iota, no bad surprise! You put an address, you hit send, you wait few sec and voila! Ne fees, no weird shit such as band width or power. And the final nail in the coffin : in parallel with all the shit going on with Tron, I also played with Ethereum. And my experience was as unattractive as the one I had with Tron (weird stuff to fill up to make a transfer such as gas and Gwei shit). I know that for people that are used to it, it’s super easy, but for me used to DAG, it was really frustrating. I just wanted to make a simple transfer from A to B without having anything to pay (or a small fee) and without hav...
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