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EDAG CityBot and IOTA — The Future of Mobility

November 2019

EDAG presented the CityBot concept vehicle at the International Motor Show 2019. Modularity and maximum flexibility allow it to be used for a wide variety of tasks. The CityBot is an autonomous vehicle that never rests and uses urban resources efficiently. IOTA as data transmission and payments protocol to enable new business models for CityBot owners.

EDAG and the IOTA Foundation have been working together on mobility topics such as smart parking for some time. This year another chapter of collaboration began.

In the CityBot concept presented at the IAA in September, IOTA is used for secure communications and payments which enables new digital business models for CityBot owners.

Urbanization is one of the megatrends shaping our future and it comes with challenges that need to be addressed. More and more people are moving into cities, traffic and pollution become major problems and endanger our planet. Individualization is another megatrend: it drives individual transport and delivery and increases traffic and pollution even more.

EDAG has created the CityBot to solve these problems. An autonomous and modular vehicle that can be applied in a multitude of different scenarios and use cases, thanks to the CityBots’ different ‘Hero’-modules that it can switch depending on its current task.

The CityBot can be applied in a multitude of different scenarios and use cases.

Because the CityBot is so modular and flexible, it can be in use all day and will free up space that is otherwise used for parking.

The CityBot can be in use all day.

IOTA is going to be the data communication and payment protocol for the CityBot. Its fee-less nature allows it to be used for:

The CityBot’s various possible services can be offered around the clock, which allows it to amortize quickly. These services can be offered on an IOTA enabled marketplace such as the recently released IOTA enabled Industry Marketplace where digital a...

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