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Earn IOTA whilst learning about IOTA.

Hey everyone, I'm a little nervous for sharing this as I think it's a good idea and I think I will cry if someone bashes it - so please be gentle. I wanted to share a project I am working on. It is fairly new in development and is not fully complete yet but I thought I would share a signup form Ive just completed: ###About the project IOTA Guide is going to be an online learning system that will pay people in IOTA to learn about IOTA. I was inspired by 3 things. 1) Coinbase have done something similar and it seemed to have a good outcome in terms of getting people learning. 2) I was recently one of the winners of the IOTA Dev competition and as a homage to the user who donated the free 100 accounts I wanted to pay it forward. 3) My friend recently started a bitcoin talk in my city and in the pub afterwards he mentioned the desire to help people get into this as he believes in the future of it, and it got me thinking... I think the same. I want to contribute to the future of this tech. The idea is very simple, using token economy I will reward users who complete sections and tests/tasks. The aim will be to take completely new to IOTA users and guide them through the basics to becoming wallet holders and active users of the currency/tech and also active part of the community. I have big plans for this and also am in the middle of submitting a proposal to the eco system fund to be able to take on some devs and work towards building an app and increasing the content. ###So who will fund it? Well, initially I am going to donate my own IOTA to this project. It is my hope that with the shear amount of people who support community projects for IOTA that It might also receives some donations You can also Donate if you wish, details here: And finally, when the platform is up and running, there will be a maximum of 1 ad on the page that will keep the site servers and bots ticking over if ...
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