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dRNG Commitee by the X-Team

The IOTA Experience Teams (X-Teams) strengthen the collaboration with our passionate community. They pave the road for IOTA to have the best developer experience in the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and Internet of Things (IoT) space. But X-Teams are not only about software development. Like any team, they need people to organize, write, visualize and manage other processes that are not directly related to code and computer sciences. If you want to improve IOTA, but are not a software developer, this article is for you.

We would like to share a few insights into the process of setting up the community distributed Random Number Generator (dRNG) committee by the GoShimmer X-Team. This process was somewhat challenging but crucial for our learning process. Let us talk about the tasks involved in successfully launching an international, community-driven committee of IOTA node operators.

dRNG in short

The dRNG is an integral part of securing the consensus mechanism of the future IOTA network in order to remove the coordinator currently still safeguarding value transactions (also known as Coordicide). As its name implies, The dRNG generates random numbers to make it more difficult for an attacker to delay consensus and prevent transactions from being confirmed.

For more information about dRNG, read this blog post.

Our version of the completely decentralized network has to generate these numbers in a distributed way. Having just one dRNG committee, even if it is based on cMana, is a potential single point of failure. Members of the community have taken up the task of organizing their own dRNG committee, which could be used either together with the cMana-based one, or as a backup. They have also documented their process, so that others can do the same. This effort will make the dRNG component of the decentralized IOTA network safer and more reliable.

Setting up a committee

The idea is that in the future, the dRNG is implement...

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