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Dev status update, August 2019

As we mentioned last time, the monthly update has become less Qubic-specific as we’ve recognized the need for more information about different projects, not only Qubic. With that in mind, we’ll be trying out this new format and including updates for all of the various project teams in a single post. Big updates such as new releases and the like will still get a separate post, but hopefully, this post serves as a good way to keep track of what’s going on at a high level.

And as always, feel free to stop by on Discord — every project mentioned here has a channel (or two) for discussion with the devs!


The Bee team is hard at work setting up the project and the initial architecture in a structured way. The Bee architecture will be based on the EEE specification developed by the Qubic team, which allows for maximum decoupling between modules. The team has been brushing up on the Rust programming language and the way it supports ‘fearless concurrency’ through the Rust ownership model. We already have a few community developers contributing their knowledge as well.


The Qubic FPGA team is making good progress with the Qubic Logic Element design that should allow us to use any FPGA as a programmable device for Qubics and even should allow us to have Qubic-programmable ASICs. We are expecting the programming interface document within the next few weeks so that Qupla can be adapted to generate the correct configuration data.

Apart from that, we are currently mapping out the messaging interface that will enable Assemblies to run their quorum consensus model as originally envisioned.


The team has made some big strides on IRI in the last month. Synchronization has received a huge speed boost — the synchronization TPS was previously under 100 and is now averaging around 2,000. During testing, we were able to sync a full day’s worth of transactions in under 45 minutes. The cumulative weight algorithm was also optimized, res...

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