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Customer campaigns.

Hey guys. You as a customer can help iota out. You can do this by becoming a part of a customer campaign that deluges specific businesses with requests to buy iota enabled technology from that business. When the customers are raving about something, marketing will get wind of it. First customer campaign I propose is excel energy. []( [\_support]( []( Call them up, and ask if they sell iota enabled solar panels or wind farm devices. Call at least once per week for the next month. If we have 100 people calling, that will start to turn heads and the execs will send out a person to research our boys at the IF, and we will get iota enabled products. And don't be halfassed, once they start enabling iota devices for power generation buy one, and sell power back to them for iotas. xD Tweet to them about iota. If you want to write a bot, more power to you, just make sure it doesn't post to often and actually posts content instead of mindless links. Message them on facebook about iota. once a month is fine here. The point here is to get these companies to start carrying iota enabled products with the option to buy and sell power on the iota network. Once this happens, we are golden.
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