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Converting tokens to Chrysalis

Hey there everyone, I'd just like to confirm something - If one has Iota tokens kept on an exchange, like Binance for example, would they simply download the firefly wallet, copy the seed address from binance, paste it into Firefly wallet, et voila? Also, will firefly be exclusively for iota tokens and staking or will it support other crypto tokens and protocols as well? I really think education is the key hurdle for all crypto to overcome - the whole industry needs a charismatic translator who can explain this stuff for everyday people and walk them through how staking works, how fund transfers work, that the "seed" is not a scary, sexual thing, etc. Once people understand it (eg: It's like paypal - except X, Y, Z!) then I'd expect to see some massive shifts. Not Elon Musk tho. Thanks for your help!
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