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Configuration improvements in IRI 1.5.5

Configuration improvements in IRI 1.5.5

Today marks the release of IRI 1.5.5. The IOTA Reference Implementation (IRI) software is the backbone of the IOTA network. An evolving piece of software that is incrementally moving towards the implementation outlined in the IOTA white paper.

As development has progressed, we have aimed to make running an IRI node and contributing to the IRI code as simple as possible. In this regard, there is room for significant improvement both from the node operators’ perspective and community developer perspective. With IRI 1.5.5, we hope to make a step in tackling this with an improved and refactored IRI configuration.

Configuration improvements

The configuration improvements we have made to IRI are visible both from the usability perspective and the code quality perspective. To begin with, you can run the new version of IRI with the `--help` parameter. This prints out all the configuration options and their descriptions. Testnet configuration has also been separated from Mainnet configuration, and offers additional options. If you want to print the Testnet configuration, just use `--testnet--help`.

Printing out configuration options with the — help parameter.

In previous versions of IRI, not all configuration options were supported from the CLI, and could only be specified in the `.ini` file that was loaded when launching IRI. In IRI 1.5.5, all options are also available as command line arguments.

We have also made changes to the description of individual options to make them more understandable and easier to use.

Some of our follow-ups are to make sure all the configuration flags have a well defined and unified behavior. We have reserved these for the upcoming releases as these will be breaking changes.

Other improvements

IRI 1.5.5 also contains multiple other improvements, for example, a fix to how transactions are propagated. This should help with transaction promotions and lower th...

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