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Community Governance call on June 12th

Hey - so for everyone a reminder: The Governance community call will happen tomorrow June 12th at noon 12 am CEST. It will take place in the IOTA Discord #general-voice channel and it will also be a live stream at YouTube available here: Agenda for a structured start to get through several topics moderated: 1.) Welcome and introduction - the purpose of the Meeting (Dom/Phylo) 2.)Short recap about the fund situation (Phylo) 3.) what are the 2 options to vote for (governance treasury and burn) and what would they mean exactly (Phylo) 4.) Summary of what has been discussed so far in the several groups / forums / discord (Bas) 5.) Q&A popular community questions from several social channels (Dom / Phylo) 6) short summary of other systems (Phylo / maybe IF Team) 7.) Ideas for possible voting solutions in IOTA / Firefly ( Phylo / IF Team / everyone) 8.) How to continue from here, further regular meetings / workgroups etc 9.) open end community discussion for all of us to discuss and create ideas Further questions for the call can be collected in the #governance-discussion channel or in the Github at Please participate. It would be amazing to hear all your opinions and ideas Discord invite:
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