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Building IOTA Client - C# API - Attaching to Tangle

Hey there! I am currently building an IOTA client with this C# API As it comes to attaching to the tangle I am stuck with the API function AttachToTangle(Trunk, Branch, Trytes) because I can not handle the third parameter. This is my simplified code: IotaApi Api = new IotaApi("", 12345); GetTransactionsToApproveResponse Transactions = Api.GetTransactionsToApprove(0); Api.AttachToTangle(Transactions.TrunkTransaction, Transactions.BranchTransaction, I_AM_MISSING_TRYTES_TO_PUT_IN_HERE ); This function throws 2 questions to me: 1) Do I need to put trytes of the txs that are to be approved or some other? 2) How to get trytes to put into this funtion? Has anyone worked with C# API yet? I cannot find any hints :/
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