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Blockchained Mobility Hack — Munich, Germany – IOTA

Blockchained Mobility Hack — Munich, Germany

On the 20–22 July 150 participants got together for two and a half days of hacking for the Blockchained Mobility Hackathon hosted by Datarella. This hackathon brought together a huge number of players in the Mobility industry with the theme: Competition & Collaboration.

Wrap video of the Mobility Hackathon

The major sponsors BMW Group, Volkswagen Group, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Amadeus and the IOTA Foundation provided both industry specific knowledge and technical expertise to the teams competing. See WIRED magazine’s coverage for a dive into motivations around the event.

During the weekend 14 teams worked with mentors from the industry on problems facing the Mobility industry. The aim was to develop disruptive solutions using new Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), namely IOTA and Ethereum. The solutions presented for judging showed the versatility and impact that DLTs can have on Mobility.

IOTA Foundation team at the hackathon: Alisa Maas (Left), Lewis Freiberg (Middle), Jan Pauseback (Right)

Representing the IOTA Foundation at the event was IOTA’s Head of Mobility: Alisa Maas, Technical Analyst: Jan Pauseback and Director of Ecosystem: Me!

We were thrilled by the enthusiasm of the developers and maturity of the solutions presented from just 36 hours of hacking. Also present were a number of community members from Munich who both participated and coached at the Hackathon.

Winning projects & IOTA Solutions

Out of the 14 competing teams, 9 used IOTA in their solution. It was great to work with directly with developers who were new to the technology and help them build solutions that both made sense from a DLT perspective and had real world impact. In the end, all three of the winning solutions used IOTA!

Lets quickly go over the solutions at the hackathon which used IOTA to solve problems in the Mobility Industry.

1st Place - MaaS ...
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