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Beginners main question

Hey I'm pretty new, like almost 2 weeks now that I'm into IOTA. And there is always this one main question coming up in my head, when I read and think about IOTA. Since im holding for the longterm, I heavily invest into coins with a big influence on use cases for the future. Regarding IOTA, why do people always see the transaction between 2 machines as the stongest feature of IOTA? Of course its a super nice use case but isn't IOTA that cryptocurrency, that could be used for exchangig value for goods (use case: I'm paying my goods in the supermarkt with my IOTAs from my IOTA-Wallet to the supermarkets IOTA-Wallet)? And this is happening almost instantly and doesn't have the troubles of scaling like bitcoin does? (I know this would also be a machine to machine transaction.) For this reason IOTA seems to be the best currency for exchanging value for goods or services on the technical level on the knowledge I made in the last week. Where is my error in reasoning? Is there any better coin right now for the use case i just described?
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