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MIOTA · 13w

Airbox-with-iota has been open sourced! Monitoring PM2.5 and record with Tangle!


Integrate LASS (Location Aware Sensing System) with TangleID and manage sensor data.

Getting Started

Follow the tutorial to build your devices.

1. Hardware Ameba RTL8195AM SHT31 or BME280 Plantower PMS3003 (G3) OLED SSD1306 2. Wiring Diagram Ameba PMS3003 5V pin1 GND pin2 D1(TX) pin4 D0(RX) pin5 Ameba SHT31/BME280 OLED GND GND GND 3.3V VIN VCC SDA SDA SDA SCL SCL SCL 3.3V SD0 (BME280 only) 3. Update DAP Firmware (for Windows 10 users)

How To Update DAP Firmware?

4. Download and install the mbed Windows serial port driver

Windows serial configuration

5. Set up Environment

Ameba Arduino: Getting Started With RTL8195

6. Update Program To Ameba Copy airbox-with-iota/lib/ to Documents\Arduino\library Input your wifi SSID, wifi password, and location in airbox-with-iota/main/config.h APIs Python 3.6.5 python airbox-with-iota/api/ get_uuid_list()

Search for uuids of all available airboxes.

Input: none () Return: uuid list (list) get_specific_sensor_all_data()

Search for all sensor data by an uuid.

Input: uuid (string) Return: sensor data (json) get_specific_sensor_latest_data()

Search for latest sensor data by an uuid.

Input: uuid (string) Return: sensor data (json) get_specific_sensor_history_data()

Search for sensor data in one week by an uuid.

Input: uuid (string) Return: sensor data (json) get_specific_sensor_date_data()

Search for latest sensor data by an uuid and a date.

Input: uuid (string), yyyy-mm-dd (string) Return: sensor data (json) get_all_sensor_latest_data()

Search for all latest sensor data of each airbox.

Input: none () Return: sensor data (json) References
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