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Who is behind bIOTAsphere?

Hey guys, according to an [anouncement]( from Feb 14th: The canadian company "Kontrol" wanted to establish the "bIOTAsphere" accelerator. According to Terry Shane ("Refined Data Solutions"), he himself is the [founder]( of bIOTAsphere and his company's logo is shown on the current official [website]( I put the bIOTAsphere homepage into the internet archive [waybackmachine]( It shows, that the Kontrol Group was listed there first, later disappeared and got replaced by Shane's Refined Data Solutions. The Kontrol Group [bought]( a few months back a company, that focuses on building solutions on the Tangle. IOTA's Q-architect Samuel Reid also joined the [Blockchain Advisory Board]( of Kontrol. My guess would be, that they maybe bought his company. If they work closely with Samuel in one or even two areas, why did they vanish from the biotasphere website and got replaced by Shane's company? Does anyone have some information there? P.S. This post is not meant as FUD! So please focus on constructive comments guys.
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