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[email protected] in Munich 20.-22. July 2018

[email protected] in Munich 20.-22. July 2018

Co-HACK & Co-DISRUPT to create a new permissionless mobility ecosystem!

Berlin, Germany July 9th 2018The transportation and automotive industries are poised for a major transformation in the coming years. Technological advances in electric vehicles, batteries, artificial and geospatial intelligence, and distributed computer networks portend a major shift in how the entire mobility sector does business. OEMs and other mobility focused companies are already testing and piloting autonomous vehicles on the road, and trying to demystify for their stakeholders how autonomous digital agents, smart infrastructure, smart businesses and new ownership models will change their industry. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), such as the IOTA protocol, is one such technology ready to play a major role in this mobility transformation. While DLT has had much hype in the media, a clear understanding of how it could potentially disrupt real world industries remains opaque for many people. For two and a half days in Munich, Germany, well-known companies such as BMW, Bosch, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, Amadeus, Telekom and many more will seek to move beyond the hype and demonstrate how DLT can disrupt the mobility industry by demonstrating its potential first hand. The DLT Mobility Hackathon, organized by DLT solution provider Datarella and deep tech investor Vito Ventures, will bring together the biggest players in the mobility ecosystem to showcase what the future of mobility could look like.

The non profit IOTA Foundation (IOTA) is convinced that collaboration is key for success and therefore is thrilled to be part of the world’s first hackathon where industry leaders and a great number of independent hackers, programmers and smart minds will join forces to hack the future of mobility. IOTA will contribute prizes, coaches and merchandize to support the hackathon and the idea of an open source, permissi...

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