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Eric Hop in Discord about Q (Qubic), smart contracts an oracles

1. IOTA is already way more powerful than most crypto out there due to the no fees and higher scalability. It takes away the centralized miners. It also allows for data transfer which most coins don't. And while other coins are talking about lightning network for years already without coming up with a serious decentralized implementation, we already have an operational flash networking system. 2. Since Qubic will enable Smart Contracts we are about to go into the territories of coins that have this as an edge over IOTA at the moment. Including Oracles in Qubic has implications that cannot be overlooked. It means that we can use any type of external data . To be honest, the first set of ideas we've come up with for usage of Oracles are mind blowing. It goes way beyond the simple getting of sensory input values. Third, this is for IoT which means the original reason for outsourced computing was to allow light-weight devices to outsource heavy computing to other, more capable devices. Now, once you have those three in place you can all of a sudden do things that you did not envision when you started building these 3 components, because they seamlessly work together. Frankly, we are still in the infancy phase of this. Since we are so focused on getting it working we haven't really had the time to come up with tons of use cases. But the initial ideas show that it will be a game changer. 3. Qubic is more a protocol on top of the IOTA protocol. Which means that the community can go wild and come up with ideas we never even thought of. I imagine the real killer aps for Qubic haven't been envisioned yet. That is usually something that grows over time. No one envisioned Facebook when the internet took off, for example.
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