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For anyone still on the fence, here's a few bulletpoints about why I/O is blowing up right now and why this is just the beggining.

This coin unlike many others has been in-development since **2014**. There was no ICO or some outlandish rewards for devs, it was all about creating the perfect ecosystem. And it's about to open it's doors to the public and not just devs/investors/industry people. There will be user-friendly apps and everything a like. Here's some bullet points I found on another crypto sub that you can easily pass around as well: *IOC (I/O Coin)* - Upcoming (very soon, 2-3 weeks) release of DIONS after ~3 years of working on the project. - Presenting at FINTECH: "I/O Digital has won the public voting of the European FinTech Awards 2017 in the Blockchain category. We are invited to go to Brussels Sept 27th and pitch our Blockchain solution to a professional jury and attend the conference and meet FinTech innovators." - "coming soon" release of publication from an investment house/group regarding I/O Digital and I/O Coin. - Low volume, low price, and low market cap -- low volume due to 50%+ of the owners staking these coins in their wallet. - BTC Alias Sending - Will promote DIONS by stepping up marketing after release: "When DIONS is launched we will start a marketing campaign around DIONS and the features." - After DIONS release they'll be moving to Chameleon : "Chameleon will create interoperability between Blockchains and applications. Facilitating governance & smart contracts with a hybrid Blockchain solution. "
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