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Anonymous amounts coming for iOC with NightHawk

**iOC Development Update March 26, 2020** Today we would like to update the iOC community on the status of the iOC Nighthawk Protocol development progress. **Nighthawk Protocol Update** Development and testing of the Nighthawk Protocol core changes have continued on a private testnet following severe illnesses of some dev team members during the first quarter 2020 (not related to Covid-19).  Initial developments covered the base framework integration for ring signature sending, in addition to the already existing stealth (shade payment) sending that was already incorporated in our Aurora / Sirius upgrade. Over the last couple of weeks we have made new advances. We are very excited to announce that in addition to **ZK ring signatures**, we have also implemented a new **SKEDH** Technique allowing for **amounts** to be fully **anonymous** (**for send and receive**). Work is now focussed on completing the Nighthawk Protocol core to enable fully anonymous transactions including amounts. Our aim is a complete replacement of other anonymous currencies to become the goto currency for full anonymity.  We envision having the new core ready for internal tests over the next couple of weeks where we will move into an intensive testing phase. Once the new Nighthawk Protocol core is satisfactorily tested, we will shift focus to the graphical user interface changes in the wallet. An updated estimate for beta release (including UI updates) is now for July 2020. ​ https://preview.redd.it/it33oz8s32p41.png?width=1500&format=png&auto=webp&s=59bcfabf0c40edbb2a04f72c9cc14223fc0e92f0
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