Meet the Judges of the Internet Computer’s Supernova Hackathon

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Meet the Judges of the Internet Computer’s Supernova Hackathon

Scores from the judges will award $6 million in prizes and funding to hackathon participants across multiple tracks.

The Internet Computer’s global Supernova hackathon is currently underway, as developers and entrepreneurs build Web3 projects using the most advanced general-purpose blockchain today. On the Internet Computer, systems, dapps, and services can run entirely on-chain and be truly decentralized, while leveraging advanced tokenization strategies to fundraise and drive viral growth.

Up to $6 million in prizes, grants, and seed investments will be awarded across tracks that include asynchronous DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi, metaverse and NFTs, public good/social impact, and blue sky. The DFINITY Foundation has partnered with dozens of organizations to maximize Supernova’s impact, including Polychain Capital, Andreeseen Horowitz, Messari, Warburg Serres Investments, Huobi, Electric Capital, Foresight Ventures, and many more.

Prizes are awarded to winners based on the scores assigned to their projects by the judges, who will review all approved submissions based on the following equally-weighted criteria:

X Factor and Potential: What is the wow factor of the idea? Does it have potential? Technical Competence: What is the quality of the technical designs and source code? Social Impact: Does this project solve a real-world problem? Can people use it? Progression: Can a library be used? Is a service actually usable? How far did you go? IC Factor: Have you managed to leverage and demo a unique platform capability? Here is a complete list of the judges of the Supernova hackathon: SocialFi Maria Shen, Electric Capital

Maria is a partner on the investment team at Electric Capital. Prior to Electric, Maria was CTO and co-founder of a startup that helped SMBs easily create their supply chains with manufacturers around the world. Prior to that, she worked on search technology at Microsoft, with her features shipped to more than 1 billion devices.

Guy Wuollet, Andreessen Horowitz

Guy Wuollet is a partner on the Andreessen Horowitz crypto investment team. Guy focuses on infrastructure and application layer investments across crypto. Prior to joining a16z, he worked on independent research in concert with Protocol Labs.

Hao Chi, SNZ

Hao Chi is the managing partner and CEO of SNZ, a crypto fund founded by a group of engineers, blockchain evangelists and entrepreneurs passionate about disruptive blockchain technologies.

Linda Xie, Scalar Capital

Linda Xie is the co-founder and managing director of Scalar Capital. Previously she was an early employee and product manager at Coinbase building out internal tools including compliance, fraud, and finance systems. Prior to Coinbase, she was a portfolio risk analyst at AIG.

Sue Xu, Amino Capital

Dr. Sue Xu is a managing partner at Amino Capital, and her focus areas of investment include data-driven solutions. She was interim CEO of CandyHouse and CyteSi.

GameFi Lucas Liu, Huobi Incubator

Lucas Liu is the research director at Huobi Incubator, a professional, full-cycle project incubator that integrates industry research with investment funds, incubation processes, and accelerators.

Jarosław Grzywiński, ASI GIG

A member of the management team at ASI Gaming Investment Group, Jarosław Grzywiński specializes in capital markets law, commercial companies’ law, as well as in the organization of investment projects.

Julian Randall, Unity Technologies

Julian Randall leads Global Strategic Partnerships at Unity Technologies, delivering large-scale ecosystem partnerships that drive the world’s transition to real-time 3D across all industries.

Benjamin Horvath, Blockrocket

Benjamin Horvath is the managing director of Blockrocket, one of the leading VC firms for early-stage Web3 startups in Europe.

Denis Dyack, Apocalypse Studios

Legendary game designer Denis Dyack (Blood Omen, Eternal Darkness) founded Apocalypse in January 2018 to take a cloud-first approach in game development to move the medium of the games industry forward.

Metaverse and NFTs Olaf Carlson-Wee, Polychain Capital

Olaf Carlson-Wee is the founder and chief investment officer of Polychain Capital. He is the former head of risk at Coinbase, where he was the first employee.

Tom Serres, Warburg Serres Investments

Tom Serres is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and tech executive who co-founded Warburg Serres, a boutique venture capital fund focused on blockchain technology, Internet of Things, AI/ML, and additive manufacturing.

Xiao Xiao, HashKey Capital

Xiao Xiao is investment director at HashKey Capital, an institutional asset manager investing exclusively in blockchain technology and digital assets.

Wojciech Chylinski, ASI GIG

A member of the management team at ASI Gaming Investment Group, Wojciech Chylinski was previously the founder and CEO of an international 3D animation and VFX studio.

KiHyun Do, Irongrey

KiHyun Do is the managing partner at Irongrey, a global investment firm with a mission to empower entrepreneurs building innovative and disruptive businesses to help reshape the global economy.

DeFi Diran Li, Messari

Diran Li is director of Distributed Systems and Data Science at Messari, which seeks to promote transparency in the cryptocurrency space by creating an open-source data library for “cryptoasset” or digital asset companies.

Claude Donzé, Tomahawk.VC

Claude Donzé is a principal at, an entrepreneur-led early-stage venture capital firm.

Peter Grosskopf, Unstoppable Finance

Peter Grosskopf is co-founder and CTO at Unstoppable Finance GmbH, a Berlin-based company with the mission to empower people around the world to access, interact with, and unlock the financial opportunities of the decentralized economy.

Igor Lilic, BlackComb Software

Igor Lilic is co-founder and CTO of BlackComb, exploring the role Blockchain protocols will play in a hyperconnected 21st-century economy. Igor was previously a senior developer relations engineer at DFINITY and principal tech lead at ConsenSys.

Zhehao Chen, Fenbushi Capital

Zhehao Chen is investment director at Fenbushi Capital, the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firm in Asia.

Public Good / Social Impact Alexa Smith, Beacon Fund

Alexa Smith is the manager of the Beacon Fund at Polychain Capital. She previously managed the Developer Partner Program at DFINITY, supporting developers and entrepreneurs in building software and services on the Internet Computer.

Danny Rowshandel, CV VC

Danny Rowshandel is investment partner at Crypto Valley Venture Capital, better known as CV VC, an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on global startups that build solutions using blockchain technology.

Jasmine Gong, Binance Labs

Jasmine Gong is an associate at Binance Labs, a social impact fund and initiative to incubate, invest, and empower blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and projects.

Dror Ben Eliyahu, Simplex

Dror Ben Eliyahu is the head of business operations at Simplex, an EU-licensed financial institution empowering the crypto industry with a full fiat infrastructure.

Alexandra Kons, BeInCrypto

Alexandra Kons has been working as a crypto journalist since 2017.

Blue Sky Tekin Salimi, dao5

Tekin Salimi, a former general partner of Polychain Capital, launched dao5, an experimental cryptocurrency investment fund that will convert into a decentralized autonomous organization.

Steve Lee, Spiral

Steve Lee is an experienced Silicon Valley product leader working on innovating the role of Bitcoin PM as part of the Spiral effort at Block.

Keld van Schreven, KR1

Keld van Schreven is the co-founder and managing director of KR1, a leading digital asset investment company that supports early-stage decentralized and open-source blockchain projects.

John Lilic, Polygon

John Lilic is an investor and product development advisor at Polygon. He was previously director for Business Technology Development, Strategy & Operations at ConsenSys.

Ash Bennington, Real Vision

Ash Bennington is senior host and crypto editor at Real Vision, a media platform that examines finance, business, and the global economy.

Hitters Xu, FBG Capital

Hitters Xu is founding partner of FBG Capital, one of the largest and earliest blockchain investment firms, focused on early stage companies that accelerate disruptive innovations.