Let's talk about the SBT standard on IC.

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self.dfinity1m ago
If this is the first time you have heard about SBT, this is the summary. [https://twitter.com/Leo\_Glisic/status/1527743727917182977?cxt=HHwWgsCtpfC00bMqAAAA](https://twitter.com/Leo_Glisic/status/1527743727917182977?cxt=HHwWgsCtpfC00bMqAAAA) **TL; DR:** These properties (who you are and which rights you have) can be combined to create powerful new capabilities that never existed in web3. **Real-world use case:** * Prevent event ticket re-sell. * Defi Credit score, the loan without a stake. * Reputation system. * Internet Identity (on Ethereum.) * Many use cases. https://preview.redd.it/jdngkhvfum191.jpg?width=940&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=370a8ce6389f50892ad35e63f39d4ce6ee0b5420 We already (and will) have Internet Identity & Proof-of-Personhood. e.g. Prevent ticket re-seller, on IC we can use Internet Identity & Proof-of-Personhood to prove accessibility right without holding any tokens. (I don't know the technical condition). **Are we still need this token standard in the future?** even if we might use it after the ETH integration. Or can you guys see any huge benefit to using it in our ecosystem? and what you see? Let's discuss SBT 😊 My personal thoughts:I think SBT still has a weakness in identity verification and the spam problems won't disappear. Our Internet Identity & Proof-of-Personhood will solve their problem and will fulfill this SBT to get ready for the real-world use case.