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Ponder over ICONOMI and DAAs

Let me expand my last question I raised [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/ICONOMI/comments/75g17e/multiple_questions_on_daas/) I am really bullish on crypto and blockchain tech. Why else would I be here :) I think it is getting a more and more indispensable element of a diversified investment portfolio. So I started to learn about this space and started to build a crypto portfolio myself. It is small and humble; it is less than 5% of my overall financial portfolio but it is mine and I love it :) I used to have a stock portfolio as well. But after a while I realized that I have neither time nor expertise to handle it properly, so I decided to buy mutual funds instead of individual stocks. It is way more easier to handle and I can have a much wider diversification just with a few clicks. It frees up a lot of my time indeed and I am even more confident that my money is in good place than I was before. This is what I really missed in the crypto world when I have stumbled upon ICONOMI. Having a diversified crypto portfolio with one click is awesome! This is exactly what I need. But I started to concern about it before I bought any DAAs. Let's say I have X-token in my humble crypto portfolio. If the company behind it just disappears and the value of X-token goes to zero, that is a risk I can live with. But let's say, I convert all my crypto assets to ICN, put them into the ICONOMI platform and buy some DAAs. Now, if ICONOMI just disappears, what will happen with my DAA tokens? Without the fund management and market making behind it, I think it would loose its value pretty rapidly even if I keep them in my own wallet. Let alone they are in ICONOMI's vaults. This is a risk I cannot afford. Especially that I would like to increase the share of crypto in my portfolio to 10-15% depending on the market. And this is the point where I would like to ask your advice or idea how to resolve this situation. I love ICONOMI but also I am afraid of it. **TLDR: Do I really diversify th...
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