ICONOMI Monthly Update — June 2017

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ICONOMI Monthly Update — June 2017

Dear ICONOMI supporters,

Welcome to our June 2017 update. We are proud to announce that all ICO participants have been given early access to the ICONOMI platform and that we are eager to show you everything else that we have in store. Please enjoy an overview of the past month.


We have enhanced how the ICNX is managed. At the moment, ICONOMI is managing $2.9M worth of assets represented by the ICNX DAA. The ICNX value and structure are published and updated in real time.

Cofound.it became an independent project

Cofound.it is a distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, experts and supporters worldwide. It’s goal to is to become a platform where hundreds of thousands of the best startups go to expand their potential and find investment. A platform where millions of experts with proven track records offer their expertise, and a platform where tens of millions of investors go to find the best projects to support without worrying about their legitimacy.

Cofound.it started as a part of ICONOMI but is now a separate entity with a successful ICO behind it. Being a separate company enables the Cofound.it team to completely focus on their mission — to become a distributed VC ecosystem for the distributed future. 10% of Cofound.it tokens (50M CFI) is owned by ICONOMI, where the Cofound.it project was born and has evolved. On top of that, ICONOMI supports storage of CFI tokens directly on our platform.

We’ve changed the platform fees

Since our ICO, the value of ICN has appreciated to the level where we are now reducing the ICN transaction fee. Instead of 1 ICN per withdrawal, the fee for ICN withdrawals will be 0.1 ICN per transaction.

We have also changed the ETH, BTC and CFI withdrawal fees — for details, please see here.

We are focusing on security

Remember, it is important to stay vigilant in order to keep up with the best practices of keeping your assets safe. The ICONOMI platform already provides you with several security measures and with this post you’ll gain important information about the security measures YOU can take to keep your account protected.

What’s in store for July 2017? Have any questions, requests or comments? We will be happy to answer them on July 12th, when we’ll host our next Reddit AMA session.Following July’s Reddit AMA session is our Q2 Financial Report that we’ll publish by the end of this month.ICONOMI co-founders will be attending the Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors conference, Coin Agenda, which will take place in Barcelona between 16th and 18th July.

Stay tuned as we add more events throughout the month and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you for your ongoing support, The ICONOMI team