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Beginner’s Guide to ICONOMI

ICONOMI is a fintech start-up company based in Slovenia, which is currently developing a blockchain-based digital asset management and investment platform. Founded by CEO Tim M. Zagar and CTO Jani Valjavec in 2016, their goal is to make it easy for anyone to create and manage groups of digital tokens and cryptocurrency assets, and allow anyone else to invest in them. Think of Iconomi as similar to an index fund of different cryptocurrencies – instead of picking each currency to invest in yourself, you invest in Iconomi and let them do the picks for you.

Using a decentralized management platform, ICONOMI will allow funds of tokens to be managed for digital assets. The managers of the funds will be paid fees through the platform in exchange for creating and managing the funds, which gives people a connection to the distributed economy online.

In describing themselves and their aim, ICONOMI say “we have been building a different kind of company that connects people around the world through the latest disruptive ideas and provides them with a unique set of tools to take an active part in the distributed economy. ICONOMI’s mission is to give everyone the chance to enter the world of digital assets and make the new economy more open and connected.”

Making it easy to invest in digital assets

There isn’t yet any other company which has created a platform to allow people to invest in and manage digital assets, making ICONOMI a unique technical service. They claim that it will be incredibly easy to use, so that anyone from beginners to blockchain experts are able to invest in and manage assets in this way.

They promise to be more than just a marketplace for digital assets, and will provide the best experience and the simplest method for all users to enter the growing distributed economy using online cryptocurrency.

The tools ICONOMI will offer to their users are to be intuitive tools which make the marketplace accessible for people ...

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