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Revitalization | story time

Due to to the Revitalization inititiation I just wanted to share my personal ICX adventure from only this week. I finally staked my ICX and used my votes on the P-Reps I think deserved to be voted for. There was 47 ICX leftover in my wallet that I couldn't stake, so I just wanted to use it. I saw a tweet about a new NFT game built on ICON: [Project Nebula](https://projectnebula.app/). I checked it out and I really liked it. I wanted to get my hands on an awesome planet ([Babbage](https://play.projectnebula.app/planet/373))which was being auctioned only for 27.7ICX, 16 hours left. So I set a reminder for the next day and in the very last minute the auction was around 41ICX . I bid for 45ICX, and a bastard in the last 10-20 seconds outbid me!!! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ (Shame on you if you read this ;-D) I got really disappointed I couldn't afford to get any planet in this new game... Right after this I saw a [tweet](https://twitter.com/DevShack_Icon/status/1347180612994494465?s=09) about a new gambling game being released soon on ICONbet. So I did what every normal person would have done: I "*invested"* my ICX in gambling! I was sure I'm going to loose my 47, but I was curious and I really wanted to try a gambling site which is based on blockchain. In the end I got very ~~lucky~~ skilled and after a few hours I ended up with 501 ICX! :D Insane! I'd like to have a little interaction with /r/helloicon, so I'm asking for your advice. What do you think what am I supposed to do with 501 ICX? ​ [View Poll](https://www.reddit.com/poll/ksy9h9)
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