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My thoughts on Icon, dApps and Blockchain technology.

formation and a whole lot more. What does not need to be decentralized? My opinion on the matter is that we live in a world where a third party removes opportunities from everyone else. A youtuber once said the future of crypto will allow us to be the boss, the worker and the CEO. That sounds somewhat confusing and strange. But as we live in a world where some people have billions upon trillions of money whilst others have significantly less. This is really key to what blockchain technology will bring. Because now you'll be able to through the Icon network be apart of let's say an insurance company. You fight against other community startups to offer the best possible and fair service. It's a whole lot less practical to come up with ways to trick the customer as there won't be any leader (CEO) - Not even Icon have one specific CEO - they have a team of 6-7 Foundation Council members. Let's say you're going to trick the customer and request rule changes that favour you: The network will however, will be publicly open and everyone can see it, deciding whether it's legit or not. Probably what I like most about Icon is the blockchain on a blockchain concept, i've never heard of it, really - so i'm assuming they're pretty early with the concept. Basically you would have Bluewhale for instance; which has it's own kind of blockchains, let's say one is called "Blue Taxi Service" - It has no leader but it does have a community of taxi drivers that communicate with the customer over the Bluewhale blockchain. The customer can through the TINK social app see if the taxi driver has good status, is legit, has good ratings through previous records. If the taxi driver has been in Prison for instance, the customer can see that, and decide to pick someone else if he chooses to. I dislike that these projects have their own CEO, it could lead to them looking for self gain in the long run, which is unlikely but i do hope Bluewhale won't have a leader in the future, same goes to all other dApps. Anyways thanks to this system the Taxi driver gets payed 99% without a company to take a huge 45% cut (like Uber does). Thanks to this the taxi driver can even offer cheaper prices aswell as getting more money for himself. With a system like this: Both the customer and now have more money to spend, which means there are two winners but it doesn't stop there. I believe that when the people gets more money there is a third winner aswell, which is the network itself. Billionaires hold most of their money - But the average human would likely offer more liquidity to the system as he/she spends a larger majority of it, compared to the Billionaires. To sum things up you shouldn't spend money you can't afford to lose unless you're planning to hold for a really long time. My prediction is a bear market around 2024, with possible small bull runs: based on hype, before it starts to take off again like it did in 2017. You call all call me FUD-spreader, but that only makes you salty cause you an impatient investor that buys the high and sell low. ...
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