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My thoughts on Icon, dApps and Blockchain technology.

So there's a lot of short term controversial topics which coin will moon. What are peoples thoughts in the long run though? I'm sure investors don't care about the long run though, neither less. My philosophy on that topic on the matter is that Crypto-community has two different kinds of people: Tech people & investors. It is ironically the tech people who made the bigger gains. Right now however Crypto is massively pumped. If you look and compare it to the IT Bubble you'll notice how it dumped for 5 years after the hype before it started taking on again. I myself believe the pattern will repeat it self with Crypto. A reason that I like Icon is that they're in it for the long run anyways along with my philosophy, they don't care about pumping up their coin as it won't matter in 5 years what the price is right now. That is something I take as a sign for dedication to the actual tech over self gain. I'm a believer in separation, hence why I personally dislike Bitcoin maximalists; who think Bitcoin is the one and only coin. You can't force humans who think differently to stick to one coin, with one set of rules. And why would you want to make early Bitcoin investors even richer; you'd probably prefer to be apart of a smaller coin for that aspect aswell. Though, there will be alot of crap-coins, that's inevitable, (Especially when Ether decided to let people make their own currency in 15 minutes). Though, short term it doesn't matter necessarily matter what you pick in such a speculative market. If you're here to make money you're obviously looking at the short term, which is important to take into note. However hating on investors would be wrong; these people are also people and they have a part to play. It's thanks to the them primarily we have projects like Icon. What does Blockchain technology has to offer? You see coins wanting to decentralize every aspect in life; that could could include payment, online tipping, smart ecosystem, social statuses, storing in...
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